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Re: No more

At 08:41 PM 12/4/2001 +0100, Sinclair wrote:

>Dear Richard,
>I thought that Tim was saying is we must make informed decisions.

I cannot disagree with that philosophy.

>Nuremberg and Mai Lai taught us that it is our responsibility to think of 
>the results
>of our actions.

I agree.

>Admiration for what America has become and is glows from
>this side of the Atlantic.

I suppose that stormy weather over the Atlantic sometimes intercepts and/or 
disrupts those thoughts before they reach our shores.

>I do not see anything personal in Tim's remarks.

I did not take it personally.  I took it as a condemnation of ANYONE in 
America who agrees with our President's position, whatever their reasoning 
might be.

>Please America do not lose yourself fighting a just war. Do not win the war
>and lose the peace.

We are trying with the help of Great Britain, France, Russia,...  So far 
there have been no secret trials, no military tribunals.  Let us see wait 
and see what happens in that regard.  There will be no peace until the 
terrorists in Afghanistan, in the Middle East, in Europe and in America 
discover that their goals, whatever they might be, cannot be achieved 
through terror.

Richard Huseth

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