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Re: No more

Why do you not start a Sinclair subject? When was your last writing on
Sinclair or Scotland or origins?The Sinclair clan is contentious.  We fight,
we argue, about every thing, even about there not being Sinclair material
available. For years I have been trying to find the mysterious 9 Sinclair
knights at Hastings.  I do not think they were there prove me wrong. Arthur
St Clair was the 8th President of the United States in Congress Assembled.
What do I get?  A list of Presidents of the Continental Congress, what does
that have to do with the United States under the Articles of Confederation?.
The bald faced statement that we are related to Field Marshall Bernard
Montgomery I can only find 12 generations back.  Show me.  Statements I, a
Briton make about American law, are met with either silence or appeal to
emotion.  The nonsense that we fought William the conqueror at Val-es-Duns
and we not him would have been kings in England is un refuted and still
balderdash. let us debate what is history what is myth.

The weakest link? Jeff wrote an article about our history being influenced
by celestial events.  Amazing!  Did you bother to read it. The weakest link
is the lack of researched contributions.  A recent statement about who
elected Bush amazes me. The American Electoral College elected George Bush,
not the people.  He lost the popular vote.No one on this list has that I
have seen put down America.  Every country is its own laboratory of
democracy.  The President of the United States has now called for the
capture of terrorists, not their murder. America is a great Republic.
America is a country that is planted with a forest of law from sea to
shining sea.  America was founded on the proposition that every man stood
equal before the law. It is the rule of law that made America and enterprise
of American people that made the country great. Cut down the forest of law
and a great wind will engulf the world.

American ideals are easy to understand.  American attitudes are sometimes

 Bush is a minority president, but he is the American President. The
American rules for election of a President are covered in the Constitution
of the United States Article II section 1 and Amendments 12, 14, 15,19, 20,
22,23, 24, 25,and 26. The  provisions of law governing Presidential
Elections are contained in Chapter 1 of Title 3, United States Code (62
Stat. 672, as amended):

Winston Churchill remarked, "the electoral college system is probably the
worst possible method of choosing a president-except for all the others.

The crucible of Watergate established firmly that even the President does
not stand above the law.


"Electoral College." Congressional Digest Oct 1992: 226,256.
Glennon, Michael J. When No Majority Rules. Washington: Congressional
Quarterly Inc, 1992.
Peirce, Neal R. The People’s President. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1968.
Reichley, James A., ed. Elections American Style. Washington: Brookings
Institution, 1987.

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I have been on this site for a total of 6 hours, what a load of cr..,
rubbish, I am gone. I thought it would be something, even miniscule, to do
with Clan Sinclair, not a lot of miniscule writings, you are certainly the
Weakest Link.

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