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Re: No more

At 02:25 PM 12/3/2001 +0000, Tim Wallace-Murphy wrote:

>I chose my words with care.   The unthinking, knee jerk reaction of 'my
>country - right or wrong' will always blind those who follow it tothe moral
>dimensions of any question and it apllies to any people of any nationality
>who signallyfail to think through the true and inevitable consequences of
>the actions performed in their name. Make of that what you will. Reason,
>Justice and Truth have rarely been able to impinge on prejudice, be it
>racial, religious, nationalistic or class based.


In a March 26th message to this list you wrote: "...despite differing 
backgrounds, age and cultural differences the list unites a wide variety of 
people from many nations in productive discussion.  This very diversity is, 
of course, the great strength of the list...The diversity of backgrounds, 
humour, open-mindedness and non-prejudicial discussion that dominate the 
majority of debates are a constant source of delight and 
information...Differences lead to debate, debate inspires research and 
that's healthy."

I heartily agree. That is why I was surprised by your note of 3 December 
and asked you if you really meant what you seemed to imply.  I now see by 
the carefully chosen words of your most recent message (above) that you 
meant what you said on 3 December, but not what you said about debates on 
26 March.  Rather than expressing "humour" and "open-mindedness," you 
denigrate anyone who disagrees with your opinions by labeling them as 
unthinking, unreasoning sheep blindly following their knee-jerking leader, 
"right or wrong."  Furthermore, you suggest that they are racists, 
religious bigots and nationalists.  Who taught you this debate technique?

It must be wonderful to be designated as the sole bearer of the 
"truth."  Have you told Tony Blair about your gift?

Richard Huseth

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