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Re: Some more

This list is getting interesting for a number of reasons. I read that many
individuals are really coming from the same perspective, although the words
they use sometimes can communicate otherwise. I note some things that pop up
is long held views are sometimes appearing dogmatic while we are all
collectively seeking wisdom and knowledge on this list, and no man can claim
a monopoly on this effort. I have been very interested in the Sinclair
aspects as it touched history through the ages. Ideas and thought processes
is what drove many of the individuals that we reference in this list. Today
we are blessed that we can do so from our desk tops around the world. My
compliments to all the fine minds on this list.
Neil Sinclair in Toronto
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> Surely discussion lists exist for people to discuss the issues of the day
> that are of concern, in this instance of concern to the Sincalirs and all
> who are ineteresetd in their history.
> Study that history in depth. While there are undoubted instances or war,

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