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Re: No more

Surely discussion lists exist for people to discuss the issues of the day
that are of concern, in this instance of concern to the Sincalirs and all
who are ineteresetd in their history.

Study that history in depth. While there are undoubted instances or war,
brutality and bad behaviour to be found, the main thrust of St Clair history
is an emphasis on the tur import of 'noblesse oblige'. Compassionate concern
for the betterement of mankind. Hence the St Clair involvement with the
Templars and later Freemasonry. We disregard the Freemasonic/St Clair input
to the creation of the Constitution of the United Stes at our peril.

Surely Clann membership has not changed its philosphical outlook so
dramatically that we can no longer discuss issues of humanitarian interest;
concepts of justice and truth, to say nothing of exercising our obligation
to question our political representatives when they send troops in our name
to put their lives on the line?

Most of the present day members of the Sinclairs that I have had the
priviledge of meeting are compassionate people concerned with humanitarian
issues and are rightly proud of the role their ancestors have played in
bringing these matters into the public arena for the benfit of all.

Blind unthinking patriotism of the 'my country right or wrong variety' was
the sort of jingoistic patriotism condemned by Dr Johnson in his first
English dictionary as 'the last refuge of a scoundrel'. Our  natural and
innate pride in whatever our national heritage may be should never blind us
to the inescapable fact that nations, just like individuals, can err and are
as capable of committing evil acts as they are of performing good deeds.

Best wishes


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