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Re: the TRUTH

Having spent most of the last twenty-five years seeking direct or indirect
eveidence of Templar survival post their supression, I nd so many others
have signally failed to find one shred of reasonable evidence in support of
that thesis.

What has been found, however, and equally there is no doubt about this, that
Templar thought and philosophy did survive and also, and from the point of
view of this list perhaps more importantly, the St Clair family of Roslin
played a major role in that perpetuation of the ideals of service.

The so-called treaty of Larmenius which purports to 'prove' Templar survival
in France is a blatent forgery. No extant evidence for the Order's survival
post Bannockburn exists. The tradition does continue however.

When a misguided foreign film-company claim that

a) Rosslyn Chapel was built in the sixteenth century and

b) that is was built by the Knights Templar, as a historian I have an
obligation to truth.

The facts are simple:

a) The foundations of Rosslyn Chapel were laid in 1446 and it wascompleted
to its present state by about 1480 - the fifteenth NOT the sixteenth century

b) It was built by the towering genius Earl William St Clair of Orkney, Lord
of Roslin, who strode like a colossus over the bridge hat linked the
late-medieval era and theat of the Rennaissance.

To claim other than that can only be classed as outright fantasy or blatent

That Eral William designed the Chapel as a superbly carved reliquary of the
Holn Grail by including within it direct references to every known intiatory
spiritual pathway known to mankind at that time is plainly obvious. That it
was also designed as a celebration of Templar beliefs and philosophy is
equally unarguable. All of the diagnostic signs of Templar thought as listed
by the French Scholar Dubeq in 1934 are to be found within its hallowed
walls. But no-one can aclaim with any degree of possible credibility that a
chapel started in 1446 and finished in the 1480's was built by an order that
had vanished over 127 years earlier.

I am meticulous about establishing facts and am quite free about reasoned
speculation which is based on good evidence, direct or indirect. Steve
claims that I am too strict. Some who have reviewed my numerous works, five
of which focus on Rosslyn Chapel and the history of the St Clair family,
accuse me of 'romanticism' Well, you can't win 'em all. I think my balanced
approach is about right. My readers are entitled to their own opinions.

Show me evidence, circumstantial or therwise and I willchange my mind!

Best wishes


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