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Re: the TRUTH

Dear Mr. Wallace-Murphy,

I think there is evidence enough, but I don't (say I)
have it. And even if I would have the evidence, I
don't worry about trying to change your mind, since
you are so convinced of your own opinion (at least,
that's my impression), that probably that would only
be a waste of time. Maybe you could give me an example
of what you would call "evidence". I know there is
none which meets your requirements and that's why you
will never find a evidence.

I think what you want, is a video tape (dated: 16th
century) of the evidence. And from that point of view
you are totally correct. There is no evidence. There
is no video tape of it.

Best regards,

Jean de St. Sigeron

--- Tim Wallace-Murphy
<tim@templartim.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> Having spent most of the last twenty-five years
> seeking direct or indirect
> eveidence of Templar survival post their supression,
> I nd so many others
> have signally failed to find one shred of reasonable
> evidence in support of
> that thesis.
> What has been found, however, and equally there is
> no doubt about this, that
> Templar thought and philosophy did survive and also,
> and from the point of

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