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Re: No more

At 05:33 PM 12/4/2001 +0000, you wrote:
>For Richard Huseth,
>You are entitled to your opinions,

And so are you.

>but ... Suggest you re-read a recent correspondent, John S Quarterman, who 
>     "Third, please note that criticising "my country right or wrong" isn't
>the same thing as criticising a reasoned choice to support one's
>government's position."
>I counld not agree more.

Frankly, I did not understand the point John was making so I do not know, 
for sure, what you are agreeing to.  I believe that it is OK to criticize 
someone who follows his country right or wrong.  But I also believe that it 
is OK to criticize someone's reasoned argument in favor of his government's 
position if you do not believe in that position.  What I don't think is 
right is an outright dismissal, with the harsh words you used, of someone's 
opinion just because it does not agree with yours.

When I asked you: "Tim, are you suggesting that any American who believes 
in what his country is doing to prevent terrorism is guilty of 'blind 
unthinking patriotism?'" I was giving you an opportunity to refute my 
interpretation of your remarks.  You did not!  You answered: "I chose my 
words with care."

Therefore I can only conclude that you do not really allow for the 
possibility of John's "reasoned choice to support one's government 
position."  Apparently, in your mind, ANY such choice is blind and 
unthinking and should be scorned.

Please, correct me if I am wrong.

Richard Huseth

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