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Re: New Topic Crest

Greetings Cousins;
This crest issue has me going. Symbols are picked for a reason. We know that
the clan motto goes way way back to the building of Rosslyn if not before.
But the adoption of heraldry was as I understand it later. Out Sinclair
colors black engrailed cross go back I understand to Queen Margaret circa
1057. But the history of the crest is baffling.

Now for students of Kipling and R.L. Stevenson, cock fighting and gaming was
quite a sport. Put two male roosters in the same pen and bet on which
rooster will kill the other. It was quite the Scottish and English sport in
1700-1800 and was specifically banned under various criminal code statutes
in the  20th century.

But Sinclair heraldry is unique and very ancient. Is there a symbol we are

Neil Sinclair

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