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Re: Bin Laden

At 10:13 AM 11/29/2001 +0100, Sinclair wrote:

>Nothing will ever stop fanatics.  There is no quick fix!

You are right about the current crop of fanatics--all we can do is destroy 
them before they destroy us.

>Attacking poverty is a complex task. Creating an agriculture and industrial
>base depends on not only available resources but also on markets and
>educated labour...America uses 35% of the world's energy and we 20%. 
>Together 55%.  with our global warming do we lower our use or do we 
>encourage other to up theirs?

I don't think that reducing the energy consumed by America and Europe will 
improve the quality of life of the Afgans or Palestinians. The agricultural 
and industrial base, you correctly say they need, will increase their 
consumption of energy.  What do you suggest?

By the way, I don't believe that the goals of bin Laden and Saddam are 
motivated by the poverty of their followers; instead they take advantage of 
that poverty and do nothing with their personal wealth to alleviate it. 
Wiping Israel from the face of the earth and spreading terror elsewhere 
will not help.

All this thinking (abstract or otherwise) is giving me a terrible headache 
so that is my last word on the subject of terrorism.  That decision  will 
probably be appreciated by most of the readers of this list.  Mel's topic 
of wrinkles in kilts is more related to the purposes of this list.  So it 
is back to genealogy (who are the parents of William Sinkler, abt 
1680-1757, who married Phebe Gleave) and photography ( if you haven't seen 
my photographs of Scotland and Sinclair-related sites, go to 
http://users/ev1.net/~rhuseth and click on the thumb-nail photo of 
Edinburgh Castle).

Take care, Sinclair!  I enjoy your discussions of historical events, but 
care less for your pronouncements on current events (although I will defend 
your right to make them on a more appropriate list).

Richard Huseth
Austin, Texas


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