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Re: Bin Laden

Bravo Sinclair. I support that simple explanation ten fold. The appalling
unequal distribution of resources even here in Alice Springs makes your
heart bleed. The $24 million spent annually people on grog  to dull the pain
of the oppressed is hard to live with the knowledge of and not feel shame.
It currently costs our community in excess of that $24 million pa to deal
with the violent social repercussions caused from petrol sniffing & alcohol
Until we find a way forward for those who are suffering  without imposing
the current trend of Government  hand outs and paternalism we cannot expect
them to  willingly participate in building their individual and community
capacity to overcome the inequality without resorting to violence and
nepotism.  I hear many people talk of education or religion as being the
key, however  for these people that do not have an entrenched religous
history and have been exposed to whitemans vices I disagree. When you live
beside an upturned car and have no concept of even one meal a day or a
continuous water supply, how can you consider school as a priority or
religion as  salvation. Some of these children attend school merely to get
breakfast or as a diversion from the cycle of petrol sniffing, hunger and
violence. For them  any excuse is an opportunity for uprising.  Our local
problems may not be on the same scale as  Afghanistan but I assure you the
hurt is the same. Annette
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> Poverty, unequal distribution of the world resources.
> Sinclair
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