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Re: Bin Laden

I have two relatives that are fire/ploicemen and have been to ground zero to search the wreckage of the WTC buildings. They both tell me the drestuction is much much bigger that one can gather on television. I for one in this case am for blind justice. The US and British governments are convinced he is the man we are looking for, and that's quite good enough for me. His name should be Bin Killin' or Bin Terrorizin' instead of Bin Laaden. I will be satisfied when he is known as Bin Bleedin' or Bin Burnin'. I watched this weekend as the US sent 70 warplanes over an Afganistan that is now buckling at the knees. I say kick 'em while they are down. The same should have been done in the Gulf War. This Pop Tart bomb I'll assume is the Daisy Cutter and it does it's job very well. It seems strange to me that people are calling for these lifes to be spared when they have taken so many. If they turn the other cheek, bust them in the nose.

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis
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