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Re: Bin Laden

    No-one can honestly describe the events of September the 11th as
anything other than a vile obscenity, an unjustified atrocity and an

     However, when President Bush described those events he did so as 'an
atack on our values' so I find it hard to accept that 'our values' dictate
that we simply replace one form of tyranny with another - or that the lives
of innocent Afghan civilians are of any les value than those of innocent US
citizens or British subjects.

     Furthermore if 'our values' are not based upon justice, the presumption
of innocence until guilt is proven and the rule of law, then they are
worthless. Why were the two offers to consider the extradition of Bin Laden
dismissed out of hand in favour of an undeclared war? Why should Bin Laden,
or any other suspect be declared 'wanted,dead or alive?' Are these the
values we treasure or is this just blind revenge? Are we, by our governments
actions not simply creating an entire generation of future Bin Ladens and,
by our continual unequivocal support of the screaming injustice of the
escalating Palestinian oppression,  adding insult to injury?

    Nothing in this complex world is ever as clear-cut and simple as our
respective governments claim. Justice and truth should be, but rarely are,

Best wishes


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