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Re: Sinclair of Sacramento, CA - 1800's

At 12:30 28/11/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Sinclair, I happened on this name in the early days of my "search for
>Sinclairs" but this was 20 years ago and I doubt I will find my notes on the
>subject in this pack rat's warren.  Since I am now making some major
>decisions about what to keep and what to eliminate from this tiny room, and I
>hope to be methodical in the process, I will be sure to send you whatever I
>got at the time.  If my memory (?!) serves me correctly, the gentleman came
>quietly to the Sacramento Valley sometime before Sutter, and purchased a
>substantial section of land on the other side of the American river from
>Sacramento, and was reportedly close to the early day ranchers and to the
>railroad pioneer, Crocker.  He was well educated and possessed leadership
>skills, resulting in one period of time in his election to the office of
>mayor in Sacramento.  He was active in the social life of the community, but

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]


I am not far behind you and still going strong.

The last time me met, you looked in fine fettle to take up that pen and 
write, write, write.

I do have the information about the Sinclair in question somewhere in my 
files and,
when I have time to look for it or, more likely, when I stumble across it, 
I will forward
it to you.

Keep well.  I'll be in touch with you over Christmas which, once again, has 
caught me
napping.......my Christmas Card is still with the printers so you may get 
it sometime in

As aye,


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