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Sinclair of Sacramento, CA - 1800's

Sinclair, I happened on this name in the early days of my "search for 
Sinclairs" but this was 20 years ago and I doubt I will find my notes on the 
subject in this pack rat's warren.  Since I am now making some major 
decisions about what to keep and what to eliminate from this tiny room, and I 
hope to be methodical in the process, I will be sure to send you whatever I 
got at the time.  If my memory (?!) serves me correctly, the gentleman came 
quietly to the Sacramento Valley sometime before Sutter, and purchased a 
substantial section of land on the other side of the American river from 
Sacramento, and was reportedly close to the early day ranchers and to the 
railroad pioneer, Crocker.  He was well educated and possessed leadership 
skills, resulting in one period of time in his election to the office of 
mayor in Sacramento.  He was active in the social life of the community, but 
not very open about his origins.  When the surviving children of the 
ill-fated Donner Party came down from their winter camp in the Sierras, he 
was reported by the local press as being on hand to welcome their release 
from the terrible life they had lived over the winter months, and the loss of 
their parents.  He provided funds for their medical care, and gave them a 
place to stay until they were taken by friends and relatives to their new 
home.  I think this Sinclair's name was John, and he is supposed to have take 
a wife after arriving in this area, but I could find no further information 
in the State and city archives.  I would of course be very interested to find 
out who he was and what happened to him, so will keep looking, here and in 
the local archives, and I will pass along anything I can find.
My file of "Sinclair" (Niven and you) progressively bulges with all of the 
valuable research you have so graciously provided to us all.  If I was a bit 
younger, I would ask your permission to use your writings in a Book of 
Sinclair.  Maybe some younger person will take on his huge project, and God 
willing I will be able to see it.

Christmas cheer all around, have a good holidayi.     

Ray Lower (82 and still interested)