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Re: Bin Laden

OJ is innocent.  The jury of his peers have spoken.  The matter is finished.
It is of no consequence what you and I think.  that book is closed.  In
Scotland we have three verdicts Not Guilty, Guilty and not Proven.  Our
system dictates that we presume everyone innocent until proven guilty.  We
can not destroy our beliefs for a madman.

The imprisonment would be at the expense of the country that demanded the
trial.  Murdering bin Laden would makes us as guilty as I believe he is.  I
have not, however sat on a jury, I have not been privy to the facts. I must
presume him to be innocent.

Until we cure the root of the problem we will not end more Osama's.  Blowing
away the cult in Waco did not end cults.  The only cure for the ills of
free, open, democratic societies is more democracy.

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> OK for sake of discussion lets say someone catches him and his group and
> tries them and finds them guilty as charged. Who will imprison them or
> execute them? If it is the Netherlands what happens if more Osama's spring
> up out of the sand and demand his release in exchange for hostages or some
> other act of terrorism similar to September 11? What then?

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