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Re: Bin Laden


Nothing will ever stop fanatics.  There is no quick fix!

Attacking poverty is a complex task. Creating an agriculture and industrial
base depends on not only available resources but also on markets and
educated labour.

Attacking poverty also creates jobs in our own economies.

The world population is projected at 12/01/01    6,189,614,323 by the US
Bureau of the Census the same agency states that the American population is
281,421,906  (1 April  2000) Eurostat - statistical office of the European
commission -lists European Union population as 335,098,061. Together we are
about 10% of the worlds population.

America uses 35% of the world's energy and we 20%. Together 55%.  with our
global warming do we lower our use or do we encourage other to up theirs?

Education is the key, I think.


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