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Re: Seduction

Dear Sinclair,

The Directory of Royal Genealogical Data for Hull University, a more
reliable source than many, has Richard II married three times. The children
you list, plus an unnamed daughter appear as born to his marriage to Judith
of Brittany. The next marriage, to Edith (Margaret) of Denmark shows no
children. The third wife, Papia of Envermeu has three children posted:
Mauger of Rouen, Archbishop of Rouen (obviously no children), WIlliam of
Arques, Count of Arques, and a daughter with her mother's name.

Yet many sources show Mauger as the father of Waldron. I would like to see
some valid verification of this. Can anyone help?


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>Dear Stanley
>The problem is that  Richard II Duke of Normandy  Born: About 958 A.D,
>Normandy Married to Judith  Died: 28 August 1027 A.D., l'Abbaye de Fecamp
>had no child named Mauger.  His children were Adelaide (Judith) of Normandy

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