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New Poem

Ordinarily I would not publish any of my work on this list, but day before yesterday I  composed a poem which I felt would would be apporpriate. Since it has not yet been submitted for publication, according to copyright law, this posting will serve as copyright for the present. It is Titled "I was There". It seems that in copying the verse divisions have been omitted. Each 4 lines form a verse.


I was there when words alone

Caused light to burst from heavenís throne;

And I was there when from the dust

God formed the man who fell to lust.

I was there when wolf and swine

Did board an ark with elk and kine;

And I was there when death and dearth

Of man the deluge gave to earth.

I was there when Sarai laughed,

And Abram lay with Hagar aft;

I was there as from their kin

The eons shaped two lines of men.

I was there in Egypt grand

When Pharaohs paced upon the land;

And I was there through Moses test

To lead his clan to their bequest. 

I was there when Caesars reigned 

And from the house of David came;

A man of royal birth to teach

Whose message pierced the heart of each.

I was there in Mecca mild

The day Amina bore her child;

This father of a different faith

United millions of his race.

I was there in Scotia as

Sinclair and Zeno raised the masts.

And I was there with Chistobal 

As crying "Land ho" changed it all.

I was on Manhattanís Isle 

When towers toppled to but piles,

And cries rang out around the orb,

"Oh, peace come soon to hate absorb".

Who am I? Why, I am Time,

I am History, Myth and Rhyme.

Oh, I am Fact and Fantasy,

I am "Agree" and "Disagree".

Stanley J. St. Clair, 26 August 2002