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Re: Really confused

Dear Sinclair,

For certain, the study of genealogy is confusing, and challenging. I have
always sought for more than one authentic source, and tried to reach a
likely conclusion on lineage. Misinformation is commonplace in these realms.

Hull has Richard III married in 1027 to Princess Adela Capet, daughter of
Robert II Capet, KIng of France. No children are listed.

Admittedly, the Hull records are a work in progress. Brian Tompsett is a
concientious researcher, striving for truth. Changes and additions are made
as available.

Agnes de St. Clare pops up in various files as the daughter of Waldron, and
wife of William, brother off Robert de or le Braiese (Many spellings of each
name). Agnes is also listed with a later dob (1066, usually, as the wife of
Robert himself, again, I would like to see historical evidence.)

The pedigree you show for Helen le Bon is as clear as mud. What was your
source for this?


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>Dear Stanley
>I know now why I avoided genealogy.  This listing shows Waldron's wife
>related to the Dukes of Normandie

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