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Re: Really confused

Dear Stanley

Source for Helen le Bon is www.genpc.com mud is a kind word.  Richard III
does not come into the equation.  Richard II does.

The imposition of celibacy was promulgated in the year of our Lord 1139
Secret marriages took place after 1139 AD, married priests continued to
serve.  The Council of Trent Council opened on 13 December 1545 and  served
as a catalyst for several centuries of mandatory un-natural celibacy.

Mauger of Rouen Archbishop of Rouen 1037 from 1054  was corrupt and
unmarried.  Perhaps he sowed wild oats and prayed for crop failure?

The Directory of Royal Genealogical Data for Hull University is excellent! I
am going back to history.

Thanks for the poem.


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> Dear Sinclair,
> For certain, the study of genealogy is confusing, and challenging. I have
> always sought for more than one authentic source, and tried to reach a
> likely conclusion on lineage. Misinformation is commonplace in these

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