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Re: Seduction

Dear Stanley

The problem is that  Richard II Duke of Normandy  Born: About 958 A.D,
Normandy Married to Judith  Died: 28 August 1027 A.D., l'Abbaye de Fecamp
had no child named Mauger.  His children were Adelaide (Judith) of Normandy
(who was married before 1016 to Renaud I Comte de Bourgogne)  Richard III ,
Robert the Devil, William
and Eleanor of Normandy


Ref: Europäische Stammtafeln,

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> Sinclair,
> The Mauger referred to by Laurel was the son of Richard II le bon "The
> Good", son of Richard I. He was known as Mauger le Jeuhne/Ct. de St.
> This Mauger is said to be the father of Walderne. The uncle, indeed has no
> recorded offspring. I do not have the time at present to garner sources
> validating this, son perhaps others can verify solid sources.
> Stan
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> >on later copies which may have been deliberately altered or inadvertently
> >contaminated and corrupted.
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