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Re: Seduction

Dear Friends,

The translation refrerred to is of the origianl work of L_a st Clair
published in 1905. I happily bear any responsibility for any errors of
translation  - however L-A St Clair desreves any benefit or blame for the
accuracy or otherwise of his work.

As To the Mauger situation, I too have very serious doubts that it was as
L-A St Clair claimed. Recent work by a french doctor and scholar based at
Neuilly-sur-Seine used primary sources to cast a large dose of cold water on
the Mauger?St Clair connection.

A more fundamental question that arises from this poorly documented era is
who was the true ancestor of the St Clairs? Rollo - possible but neither
proven or likely! Or, Hastings of St L? -  i.e. Hastings the Pirate who
plundered, killed, pillaged and generally wrought havoc in the city of

Best wishes


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