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Re: A Peeve


While I can't argue with your reasoning, I agree with neither your premises
nor your conclusion. A couple of points, and some observations:

1. At no point has "Sinclair" tried to claim or imply that he has a claim to
that title.

2. His usage of the moniker "Sinclair" is clearly informal and consistent
with internet SOP, as we all understand.

Sinclair has always been respectful of others, and his contributions to this
list have been enormous.  His knowledge of history and his ability to read
the original documents has added greatly to our understanding of the
Sinclair family.

He has a keen appreciation for historical accuracy, and has been a voice of
reason, skewering some of the more fanciful historical claims regarding the
Sinclairs.  In that role, discussions with him have often been heated, (as I
well know) but have been cordial, illuminating and in the long run have
helped us sort things out.

I welcome his presence here, and object to what might be regarded as a
personal criticism of him.  Although your remarks may not have been intended
that way, they certainly can be read that way, and that's unfortunate.  One
of the problems with internet communication is that the brevity of the
communications and the casualness with which they are dispatched sometimes
leads to confusion regarding real intent.

Hoping that I misinterpreted your intent,

Joe Erkes

> From: Gnmsink@aol.com
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> Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 18:16:35 EDT
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> Subject: A Peeve
> Since this discussion list was started, I have been on and off depending upon
> the topics discussed. I recently signed on again and was about to sign off
> again due to the person "Sinclair" and his use of the name. I read Malcholm
> of Caithness's discussion of this person but it did not touch on my concern.
> There are certain items of protocol that are followed when someone has a

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