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Re: A Peeve

Only the holder of a title may use the title by itself, i.e., only Lord 
Sinclair may simply sign "Sinclair."  Even a holder of a territorial 
designation who is not a member of the peerage may not sign by the 
territorial title only, i.e., Kingerly, but must affix his/her forename or 
initials.  Note, however, that it is appropriate to use just the territorial 
designation when addressing the person, i.e., "This is Kingerly;" "Dear 


 donsinc@shaw.ca writes:

> Let me see. Someone finds the use of the name Sinclair offensive?  On the 
Sinclair list?  Sorry. I don't understand the logic, nor do I understand the 
lack of logic in the thought process. I have always enjoyed Sinclair's posts 
and look forward to many more.
>  Sinclair, Donald
>  Edmonton
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