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Re: A Peeve

Wow, it seems Phillipe can cause a stir even while being silent latley. I have always assumed he signed off as Sinclair because he is proud of his name. He once said something to the effect that actions speak more for a man than his name. (don't go searching throught the archives to see if it is verbatim). He and Annie lit a candle for my mother when she died last year, this while he is an ocean away. He and I will never agree on the death penalty or the interpertation of some laws, but he is a part of the family, such as we are. 

I sign many documents at work every day as just "Sinclair". I must admit that once I found the storied history of our family and the signatures of my own line of ancestors while tracing my geneaology, I began to write my name more clearly and feel proud to say my name at business functions and even just at a resturant.

So while he and I butt heads occasionally, I do enjoy a learned adversary, and a good friend.

Donald Sinclair, Kingdom of Indianapolis
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