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Re: A Peeve

Addressing this issue only, I will concede that when I first saw only the 
single name "Sinclair" used, I had some of the same concerns.  I also 
recognize that this being a list which discusses Scottish cultural issues at 
times, that use of only the single name implies a particular status within 
that culture.  However, after corresponding with the individual for some 
time, it is quite clear he is not using it in that manner.  Rather, he is 
using it as a surname, just as many other people only sign their surname.  I 
don't think anyone here is mislead as to his status.  Further, he is not 
using his own territorial designation by itself without first name or 
initials, thus implying a peerage.  

In sum, it would be better that he not use just the single name in this forum 
(and I don't address him by such here), but it's not, I think, that big a 


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