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Re: A Peeve

Mr. Sinclair,

I truly hope that you are still around. As you can see, most of those who
have responded have not found this factor a major problem. Some people are
very private individuals, and have reasons for the way they sign their name
or express their being. The individual of whom you speak is a very
intellegent person, and why you would choose this time to bring up this
point is beyond me, as he has made but one entry to the list in some time.
He is highly concerned with historical acuracy, and has helped many of us
examine the reported events of our past, and endeavor to determine the
variance between fact and myth. Though knowing both is helpful, there must
be a seperation within the intellect of us each who hunger for truth by
which we may utilize the Sword of Wisdom to divide them as properly as
possible. If this individual feels compelled to remove his comments from our
consideration, all of us will be less supplied with thoughtful consideration

It is my sincere desire that we Sinclairs will learn to be tolerant of our
differences of opinion, and open the lamps of our souls to the bigger


Stan St. Clair, Georgia Commissioner, Clan Sinclair, USA

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Subject: A Peeve

>Since this discussion list was started, I have been on and off depending
>the topics discussed. I recently signed on again and was about to sign off
>again due to the person "Sinclair" and his use of the name. I read Malcholm

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