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Re: A Peeve


Let me see. Someone finds the use of the name Sinclair offensive?
On the Sinclair list?  Sorry. I don't understand the logic, nor do I 
understand the lack of logic in the thought process. I have always
enjoyed Sinclair's posts and look forward to many more.

Sinclair, Donald

"Stanley St. Clair" wrote:
> Mr. Sinclair,
> I truly hope that you are still around. As you can see, most of those who
> have responded have not found this factor a major problem. Some people are
> very private individuals, and have reasons for the way they sign their name
> or express their being. The individual of whom you speak is a very
> intellegent person, and why you would choose this time to bring up this
> point is beyond me, as he has made but one entry to the list in some time.
> He is highly concerned with historical acuracy, and has helped many of us
> examine the reported events of our past, and endeavor to determine the
> variance between fact and myth. Though knowing both is helpful, there must

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