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Re: Genealogy

25 generations beyond John of Exeter g grandson's wife would take you to
about 1050 years. This leaves a hundred and fifty year gap between Charles
the Simple and the first trace it leaves about 200 year gap with Edward the
Elder, king of Wessex.  The closest we can come to connecting the Fowler
with the Carolingians at all involves his great-grandmother Oda, wife of a
Saxon count Egbert and mother of Duke Liudolf of Saxony

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> The St. Clairs/Sinklers/Sinclairs that descended from Co. Richard Sinkler
> (g. grandson of John of Exeter, NH) can trace their line back to
> Charlemagne.  This line goes through Richard's wife Polly Cilley (can be
> spelled many ways) family.
> What is interesting, once you get back about 25 generations beyond her,

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