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Charlemagne and Our Genealogy

It looks like Charlemagne connects with our tree at 2 different points.
First would be as an ancestor of  Poppe, consort of Guillaume Longue-épée
(William Longsword), if this connection is indeed correct.
The second point would be as an ancestor of Robert le Bruce's wife, Isabel
de Clare.This Robert was the grandfather of the Robert who became King of
I believe the infusion of Charlemagne's blood into the Scots had major
consequences. His g-g-g-grandfather was Saint Arnulf. Of course, he is
better known as the Patron Saint of Brewers.
Witness this miracle: "At a time of plague, Arnold is said to have immersed
his crucifix in a brew-kettle; thus encouraging the populace to drink beer,
rather than water. Suddenly, the plague ended".
( from
http://realbeer.com/library/beerbreak/archives/beerbreak20010726.html )
A more sedate history is found here:
Arnulf's son Anchises married Saint Begga. Begga's sister was Saint
Gertrude. The sisters' parents are Blessed Pepin and Blessed Ida ( or Bleary
if they were adherents of Arnulf.) )(more at
Oddly enough, it would not be until the American Civil War that a definite
connection between boiling water and disease was discovered in the Navy
during the blockade.It was noticed that sailors who drank the reclaimed
water from the steamships stayed healthier than those that did not. (see
Dennis Ringle's "Life In Mr. Lincoln's Navy").
Before this, there was beer. One reason why colonists were so quick to
establish breweries.
Another case of man interfering in Divine work.
Take care, Kevin

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