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Re: A curious question

Thank you  Messieurs Ginn, Lilly, Cook, Erks and M. Sinclair,

I have a much clearer understanding of Freemasonry's practices than I had
before.  Your answers have been responsive and  informative. I found these
phrases apropos: "It is a society that has some secrets" W Ginn "The
Scottish Rite is primarily French.  It was started in France by exiled
Jacobites.  The SR migrated to the colonies and is in its present
incarnation (in the USA) with it's founding date of 1801.  The SR (in the
USA Southern Jurisdiction) confers the 4 through 32 degree or series of
lessons.." J.Lilly "Or so we opine.  We really don't know.  He may have been
a Freemason as well. It's just that I've not seen persuasive evidence of
such." G Cook

In this light I would conclude that the answers to Earl William's Master
Mason designation could be either Guild or Freemason.The prepondence of the
evidence leaves a doubtfully shadow each way. The Masonic society kept and
keeps good records.  Purportedly in Rosslyn there is a Charter, which I have
never seen and only know by hearsay,  that designates the Chapel as a Lodge.

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> Freemasonry is a secret society.  It's inner mysteries are open only
> to members.
> Freemasonry is not a secret society.  It is a society that has some

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