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Re: William's Information

In a message dated 4/29/2002 1:28:44 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
labehotierre@wanadoo.fr writes:

> William was more the Patron that an actual Guild Chief or Freemason.

Or so we opine.  We really don't know.  He may have been a Freemason as well. 
 It's just that I've not seen persuasive evidence of such.

> labelhotierre: The practices and origins of Freemasonry interesting but it 
> is a secret
> society.  Secret societies must by definition keep secrets for the rest of 
> us.
Incorrect as to it being a secret society and the implication that secrets on 
this issue (William the Builder and Rosslyn) have been kept from you.  We've 
answered every question of which we have knowledge of an answer.  The only 
"secrets" kept by Freemasons are their modes of recognition and 
passwords--and those you can look up on the Internet!  In fact, I had  a 
ritual question before attending a meeting in Tain last month, and looked it 
up on an anti-masonic site.  

Glen Cook