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RE: William's Information

Glen, I have also read quite a bit regarding Freemasonry on the internet
and other sources.  One of the problems is that those who are not of the
craft will see many "answers" on the internet as well as the local
library.  Some of this information is so far from the truth, it is
ridiculous.  How can they tell the difference by simply reading this

Much of the anti-Masonic material makes the assumption that Freemasonry
is, in itself, a religion, which, as you know, it is not.

Several of the myths as well as the truths of Freemasonry can be found
on our website at:
Including "Why is Masonry so secretive?" and "Is Masonry a religion".

It appears that I need to add more information on the website regarding
Freemasonry.  The page is intended to be informative re: Masonry in

Mel of South Carolina

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> The only 
> "secrets" kept by Freemasons are their modes of recognition and 
> passwords--and those you can look up on the Internet!  In 
> fact, I had  a 
> ritual question before attending a meeting in Tain last 
> month, and looked it 
> up on an anti-masonic site.  

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