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Re: Genealogy

Dear Sinclair,

I didn't reinvent the Merovingians, and not all connections reflect absolute
pride. I only stated that evidence in genealogical records points to my
descendancy from this group. I study history and try to learn from it. I
don't have all of the answers, whys or wherefores but examine the facts and
the claims and try to evaluate them, just as I feel that you do. Yes, that
would be the dynasty.

What I am trying to decipher at this stage of the game, not unlike many
Americans, is the ancestry of Alexander Sinkler, my sixth great great
grandpappy. Thousands of his offspring dot this continent.


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>Dear Stanley
>Are You refering to Merovingian Dynasty who ruled Francia from 448 A.D.
>until the Carolinglans  in 752 A.D.(Pepin the Short)?

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