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A curious question

Dear Bruce

Freemasonry is a secret society.  It's inner mysteries are open only to
members. A members only society does not imply anything evil or occult.

Earl William was not a Freemason.  William was the patron of a guild of
masons. He not only built but endowed Rosslyn.  After his death a heir
looted the endowment.

Freemasonry grew from the early guilds. The dating of when these trade
organisation became Freemasons is indeterminable and unimportant.  Scottish
and York rite are different from each other but both are Freemasons.

William left his message in stone, what the message was is determined by how
you read the stone. Rosslyn is considered by Freemasons to be special.
Rosslyn is also considered by others to be special.  There is a strange and
wondrous ambiance at Rosslyn.

A curious question; is Freemasonry only for Christians?   York rite calls on
of it's stages Knight's Templar. What if any stand has the society on

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