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RE: William's Information


Thanks for the reply.  I'm not sure what you are saying about sectret
I'm not sure what the masonic bent is that you have adopted.  Your reply was
I think its important to note that the masonic motiffs within the chapel are
only a minority of those symbols depicted there.
This does not discount a connection through to freemasonry, in fact, as I
have said, it supports the argument of a direct connection.  It is not just
a case of is it the birth-place of freemasonry?
It runs along the line of the collective guilds themselves, the
stone-masons, the operatives, the speculatives, the Templar influences
(direct/indirect; its arguable), the requirements of others, rosicrucian,
platoists, OT themes, Green men, Nordic themes, Euclidian mathematics,
proportions, depictions of corn and aloe etc, etc.
There was so much material (Prime Matter) drawn into the construction,
beauty and artwork of teh chapel through the genius of William, that to look
at the direct link to freemasonry, tends to be too myopic IMHO.  Wiiliam
spent the majority of his efforts depicting things not tied into
freemasonry.  But it is still a masonic jewel, radiating other streams of
lights as well.  There are streams and streams of underground thought
displayed there.  The Masonic motiffs abound, but they are in the minority.

As to secret societies; well the secrets are very few.  The organisations
are very open in all other respects.
I hold far more secrets in my daily life; my bank account balances, things I
relate to people in business, security codes, family moments, etc etc.
However, I'm not labelled as a secretive person for carrying these secrets.
We all do.
However to relate the history of freemasonry as a secret held by ourselves
is a nonsense.
But, additionally, to prove our historicity remains unclear through the lack
of substantial and detailed eveidence.
The conclusion we are form the guilds is fine.
>From the stne-masons is fine.
>From the Gentry looking for admission into operative lodge is fine.
IMHO alll identifiable sources contributed something to greater or lesser
degrees, but we cannot be sure exactly as to how much.


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Dear Bruce

Looking for the date of Freemasonry's establishment bears, for me, only on
the 'Master Mason' title of William. Glen Cook and John Lilly together with
Mel Sinclair's South Carolina site show  that the early charters were Guild

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