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William's Information

Dear Bruce

Looking for the date of Freemasonry's establishment bears, for me, only on
the 'Master Mason' title of William. Glen Cook and John Lilly together with
Mel Sinclair's South Carolina site show  that the early charters were Guild
charters.  Joe Erks has demonstrated that many, if not all, of the Masonic
are within Rosslyn. William was more the Patron that an actual Guild Chief
or Freemason.

The practices and origins of Freemasonry interesting but it is a secret
society.  Secret societies must by definition keep secrets for the rest of

At least there is a starting point for a discussion of William.
Undisputedly he is the Lord of Rosslyn and Earl of Caithness and builder of
the jewel we call Rosslyn. One correspondent states the he was one of four
claimants for the throne of Norway in one place and in another the same
writer states he was one of three.  The existence of the Kalmar Union's
dynastic tilt seem to preclude these inconsistent claims.  Norway seems to
be one of many places Sinclairs would have been king, if we believe the

England, had the cavalry skirmishes at Val-es-Dunes gone the other way.
Norway had it not been for the Hansa
Sicily, but for circumstance.
Ireland, if you subscribe to my ridiculous theory.

Are Sinclairs always the bridesmaid never the bride?

The claim Earl William was co founder of the Order of the Golden Fleece is
unsupported, in fact contradicted, by the records..Little, if any
documentation exists on these claims.The claims are singled sourced and
undocumented.  To find historical information we should start with as many
facts as possible and then draw conclusions.  A lot of so called Sinclair
history seems to start by drawing a conclusion and shoehorning facts into
the conclusion. We have legends being created because one man wrote it down
and another repeated it, all within the past 125 years. Not much of a

One thing about French records they are complete, so complete they overwhelm
you with a mass of paper.  It is easy to lose your way in an avalanche of
paper. Besides learning to see, there is another skill, learning not to see
what is not.

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