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Dear Sinclair,

A Worshipful Master is not Worshipped.  That is his title.  The Master of the Lodge is referred to as Worshipful as in Parliament, Right Honourable.

The Scottish Rite is primarily French.  It was started in France by exiled Jacobites.  The SR migrated to the colonies and is in its present incarnation (in the USA) with it's founding date of 1801.  The SR (in the USA Southern Jurisdiction) confers the 4 through 32 degree or series of lessons if you will.  There is an honorary degree of 33 conferred on some Brethren for their service to Free Masonry.

The York Rite (in the USA) confers the 

Royal Arch Degrees
Council Degrees
Knight Templar Degrees

Both Rites IMO arrive at the same levels of teaching for the individual Mason.  One system developed one way and the other their way.  I have read the York Rite was developed in England in response to SR in France.

As for the dating system add 4000 ( 2002 = 6002 ) years to the current year.  I believe this has to do with the founding of Solomon's Temple.  A more educated Brother on this Sinclair list could tell you better. Please do not confuse this dating system with Masonry in Scotland, Rosslyn, etc.  I have been to Rosslyn twice.  Great place.

Yours Aye,


PS  You always sign "Sinclair" Do you have a real name like Fred, Bill, Mike or something?