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Early Scottish Lodges

Dear List Members:

  With reference to the interest in the origins of Masonry, and in 
particular Masonry in Scotland, I would refer those interested to two 
books written by David Stevenson, Professor of History at St,Andrews 
University, and incidentally, not a Mason.  His scholarship should 
satisfy the most rigorous critic.

The books are:1)The Origins of Freemasonry:Scotland's Century, 
1590-1710, Cambridge University Press, first printed in 1988, 
reprinted in 2000. ISBN 0 521 39654 2; 2)The First 
Freemasons:Scotland's Early Lodges and Their Members, Geo. Stewart & 
Co. Ltd. Edinburgh, first printed in 1988, 2 nd edition printed in 
2001. ISBN 902324 65 9

Both books are available from The Grand Lodge of Scotland, 
Freemasons' Hall, 96 George St. Edinburgh EH2 3DH

Stevenson addresses the relationship of Sir William of Rosslyn, and 
the St.Clairs/Sinclairs generally, to early Freemasonry.

I.A. Sinclair
Richmond Hill, Ont. Can.
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