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Par Ce Signe...

Sinclair, John (of Utah),

RE your comments ..."Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) is Jewish and got the "V"
sign from turning around as a child and watching the Rabbi make the signs. "
Nimoy went into more detail saying that the sign (made by the Rabbi) is the
letter shiyn (#300) which is basically an arc having 3 prongs as its
presently written. The thumb and two sets of two fingers make up the 3

I'll add my own spin on it: the thumb is also the letter yud (#10). Together
they spell "shay" (yud-shiyn) which means "gift." When the unsaid "holy One"
....letter Aleph (#1/1000) is added we have "shoah" which then generates the
"gift" to "ascension, to rise up." A more refined definition would be made
by interpreting each letter. (The "shoah" also extends to Jesus' (Yeshuwa)
name with a few more letter gymnastics.)

However the relevant sign is in the protosiniatic usage of letter-glyphs.
The shiyn was supposed to have represented a recurved bow drawn like a
MacDonald's M but as a W. The yud is an open hand including a bent "L"
shaped arm, open palm with thumb up... a double "L." The Aleph is a Taurus
sign: circle with crescent horns. This is the whole hand (again) with the
middle two fingers pointing straight up, pointing to God as the "Unseen
Rider of the Bull." (This is also seen in the Taurus constellation as the
large V with center star rather than the present method of drawing the
Bulls' horns.)

What's this all in aid of? Sinclair connection? There is and with a few more
pages I could go into the specialized geometry used in Edinburgh's Resh-El
grid matrix and in Rosslyn's geometry... an off list topic due to the length
and limited interest. But before leaving I'll also say that the above format
is the special "sign" used by Frs. Henri Boudet and Beringer Saunier at
Rennes le Chateau in their design of the enigmatic Rex Mundi (and 4 angels)
holding the Font at the entrance to the Magdalene Chapel. The statue has
engraved "Par Ce Signe Tu Le Vaincras" or "By this sign/swan you will
conquer (him)." (The angels make the sign.) In the European grid system
there is a direct connection between Rosslyn/Edinburgh and Rennes le
Chateau. The specific symbol(s) under discussion best describe the nature of
both places in terms of energy and related consciousness.

Live Long and Prosper...

William of Crestone

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