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Re: Par Ce Signe...

roslinne@fone.net writes:

> What's this all in aid of? Sinclair connection? There is and with a few more
> pages I could go into the specialized geometry used in Edinburgh's Resh-El
> grid matrix and in Rosslyn's geometry... an off list topic due to the 
> length
> and limited interest.

GAC: With consent, I'd like more discussion.  While it might be bothersome 
for all on this list, and more suitable for a smaller group exchange, I 
certainly would like to see the geometrical proofs.  I can always have my 
wife, the maths teacher,. help me understand.  I'm down to Edinburgh 2-3 
times a year, and John of Salt Lake mooches of friends up north and drives 
down too.  <G>.  

 But before leaving I'll also say that the above format > is the special 
> "sign" used by Frs. Henri Boudet and Beringer Saunier at Rennes le Chateau 
> in their design of the enigmatic Rex Mundi (and 4 angels) holding the Font 
> at the entrance to the Magdalene Chapel. The statue has engraved "Par Ce 
> Signe Tu Le Vaincras" or "By this sign/swan you will conquer (him)." (The 
> angels make the sign.)

But doesn't this refer to the sign seen by Constantine before the battle, 
i.e., a cross (not the cruciform cross)?

 In the European grid system there is a direct connection between 
> Rosslyn/Edinburgh and Rennes le Chateau. The specific symbol(s) under 
> discussion best describe the nature of both places in terms of energy and 
> related consciousness.

Do you have a site where this is discussed or citations?

Glen Cook