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Par ce signe...


Responding to your questions:

GAC: With consent, I'd like more discussion.  While it might be bothersome
for all on this list, and more suitable for a smaller group exchange, I
certainly would like to see the geometrical proofs.  I can always have my
wife, the maths teacher,. help me understand.  I'm down to Edinburgh 2-3
times a year, and John of Salt Lake mooches of friends up north and drives
down too.  <G>.

COMMENT: The math isn't required, the subject is more in the mystic realm
and a function of mental application related to Matter. I can provide a
relatively brief note here and if you wish more call me at
roslinne@fone.net. There is an unusual and hitherto secret schematic that is
best described as a golden ratio (1.618+ or 2.618+) rhombus shape which uses
an "L" as a short version of the rhombus. This "L" dynamic is found in
dozens of European and American earth grids but most importantly in the
Edinburgh Grid (40 miles in diameter) and in Rosslyn's geometry... Rosslyn
controls the grid. A matter of harmonics. A large L is found from Inchcolm
(St. Columba Island) in the Firth, south to Black Hill (where the Sinclairs
had built a tower), then east through Rosslyn.

The larger L-system spread across Europe is from Edinburgh (Reshel Matrix),
south to Mont St Michel (France), then east to St. Sulpice Chapel in Paris,
then south to Rennes le Chateau. This is a more explicit example of the
L-system... more complete in what is seen. (The center of the Edinburgh
Reshel Matrix is the St. Mary's Chapel ruin just south of Rosslyn. The
L-system would lead from there but Rosslyn controls the whole Edinburgh grid
 But before leaving I'll also say that the above format > is the special
> "sign" used by Frs. Henri Boudet and Beringer Saunier at Rennes le Chateau
> in their design of the enigmatic Rex Mundi (and 4 angels) holding the Font
> at the entrance to the Magdalene Chapel. The statue has engraved "Par Ce
> Signe Tu Le Vaincras" or "By this sign/swan you will conquer (him)." (The
> angels make the sign.)

(GAC) But doesn't this refer to the sign seen by Constantine before the
battle, i.e., a cross (not the cruciform cross)?

COMMENT: The Chi-rho cross would fit and would work but it is not as exact
as the one intended and would be less efficient. Rex Mundi is kneeling on
the left knee (as is the angel directly above him); in Catholic protocol
genuflecting with the left knee bent renders honor to temporal authority
(Queens, etc.) while the right knee bent to ground is only to divine
Source/God. Rex holds the font on his shoulders meant to be a vintner's
basket (this picks up an unknown system in Genesis that the Templars knew
of). Simply: the wine/grapes correlate with holy water: mystic marriage, et
al. Directly over the font-basket is a red dot having the letters "BS" ...
the dot also being the center of a Reshel grid used, duplicating that of the
Rennes le Chateau Reshel Matrix. If read incorrectly, from left to right it
spells "bash" or "filth." Correctly, from right to left BS is Hebrew: shab,
meaning "to draw water." This in turn is the function of the angelic and
rose-cross format above Rex: to "draw water" from above and below in a two
way movement (also found in the Book of Revelation, the River from the
Throne that flows "hence and thence"). In a larger view, this two-way flow
is the energetic implosion exchange between Edinburgh and Rennes le Chateau.
The good Fathers Boudet and Sauniere knew this and that was only 100 years

(The system is built into Washington DC, as I've mentioned before. The
Masonic city planners knew of the format. Although I am not a Mason I have
always contended that the Masons' "G" in their logo also contains the
meaning of the Hebrew letter Gamel (#3) which was drawn as an L in the
protosiniatic version of the letter, relating to the L-system under
discussion. This system is controlled by the "Resh" in that alphabet or
"Chief Head Stone" ...a large subject in J-C scripture as well, I'm sure, in
Masonic lore. In Washington this point is appropriately labeled the "Zero
Mile Marker.")

The "sign" formed by the angels over Rex duplicates the protosiniatic glyph
in the Hebrew alphabet: the letter tsadey (#90) which was drawn as a
vertical stem of a plant having two leaves, the system that will channel the
holy water/blood. Above the angels is a rose-cross: a circle with a Greek
Cross in it and a flower in its center. (The symbolism is complex: off list
topic.) In short its a divine Essence within the Rose (grail correspondent)
inside the Earth, Self, and Sun. In Hebrew this is the letter teyth (#9)
which appears directly over the stem. This two-letter system is called the
"Stem and Blossom." Its also a more complete description of the famous

 In the European grid system there is a direct connection between
> Rosslyn/Edinburgh and Rennes le Chateau. The specific symbol(s) under
> discussion best describe the nature of both places in terms of energy and
> related consciousness.

GAC: Do you have a site where this is discussed or citations?

COMMENT: No but I will have one under construction. These matters were once
highly secret so there is no other physical written or oral historical
source that I know of. Scripture has it encoded, as does the (original)
Hebrew alphabet, but one has to first know what to look for. I have also
found a startling example in the Lindisfarne Gospels, 1st page, with the
illumined L having the whole story in its geometry and symbolism. Again,
you'd have to first know its there. This illumined letter has a serpent in
its design (along with a combined bird-whale). I view this serpent as one of
the SHAMIR examples, in its function. Its also an example of the Staff of
Aesculpius/Moses/Jesus (Yeshua).

Its also the system encoded in Henry Sinclars' "Shamir" Arms, and is also an
earth grid. The "stem" in this grid extends from Thurso, south to San
Sebastian (Sp) and Hendaye (Fr). The "blossom" is an 8-point ring covering
most of Scotland, centered at the base of the Knight's crown east of

So you see the info's been around for quite a while, it just has not been
open to the public before now and I can't provide citations. Sorry 'bout
that. (For more details mail me direct.)
Added comment re Nimoy's sign, from a Jewish friend:

"...The hand sign, as I understand it, is the sign that the Kohan could
make.  Supposedly genetically, they were the only family who could naturally
make this sign. The Kohan's, Kahan's, Cohn's etc. were the family entrusted
with the care of the Torah and the "law" within the Torah. This is, of
course, the simplest explanation of their historical job and the
significance of the hand gesture."


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