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Re: Loch Norman Games

Dear Mel:
I hope everyone is enjoying Mel's guided tour of the Loch Norman Games as
much as I do.

As for the chanter??  thanks for the kudos.  You can't really make a chanter
on it's own sound very good and although chanter sound is critical, what
makes it all happen is the total instrument.  Indeed, sometime when we have
to break in a new 'tough' reed,  we turn off the drones to get more air
through the chanter and that sound of a bare chanter reed can get pretty
irritating after a bit -- the drones do much to put the magic into our great
If what you have is a practice chanter, well, it is really only good for
getting technical finger issues sorted out -- it can never have that robust
pierce-you-to-the-heart quality of a the Great Highland Bagpipe.


When you say you bought a chanter, do you mean a practice chanter?  If so,
it will never sound as good as a pipe chanter.
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> Hello to all,
> I planned to post this earlier but I've been technically impaired
> recently.  I have my machine up and running again (I hope).
> For those who are interested in the Highland Games, Lynne and I manned

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