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RE: Loch Norman Games

> Dear Mel:
> I hope everyone is enjoying Mel's guided tour of the Loch 
> Norman Games as much as I do.
> If what you have is a 
> practice chanter, well, it is really only good for getting 
> technical finger issues sorted out -- it can never have that 
> robust pierce-you-to-the-heart quality of a the Great 
> Highland Bagpipe.
> Rory

Rory, yes, I bought a practice chanter.  Lynne rolled her eyes and
mentioned something about that being all that I need ... another
"interest"!  ha-ha!  Seriously, I really just want to see how difficult
the instrument is to learn before purchasing a good Bagpipe.  I also
need to see if I can get motivated to spend the necessary time to
practice.  In my earlier years, I was a musician ... Actually turned
down a music scholarship, but that's another story.  My primary
instrument was the trumpet.  There just doesn't seem to be "enough"
notes on the chanter!  I'm pretty ignorant of the instrument at this
point.  I hope to do some practice next week.  I'll probably write to
you off-list about some do's and don'ts.

Mel of South Carolina

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