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Loch Norman Games

Hello to all,
I planned to post this earlier but I've been technically impaired
recently.  I have my machine up and running again (I hope).

For those who are interested in the Highland Games, Lynne and I manned
(I guess that should be "peopled") a tent a week ago at Lake Norman,
just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.  The Loch Norman Games were
excellent.  The weather was un seasonably warm, but the rain stayed away
for the second straight year!  We were able to see quite a few Sinclairs
and hopefully were able to recruit a few for the clan.  Also, it would
be good to recruit a few to man the tent! <g>

There were Sinclairs present from near our home town of Greenville, SC,
and as far away as Las Vegas.  One person visiting our tent noticed
photos of Rosslyn and said that she lived within 'eyesight' of Rosslyn
Chapel.  I have her on this e-mail distribution. Another person saw the
Rosslyn photos and stopped in her tracks.  She participated in the
violin competition and played a piece called "Rosslyn" ... She wanted to
know more about Rosslyn. 

This "small" event has grown up a bit, but still very friendly.

There were 93 clans/associations, etc., to march in the parade of
Tartans.  We were no. 86 which really meant that we were in the shade
until it started.  <g>.  Chris St. Clair was there to participate in the
athletics.  This is his first year as Pro and he did very well.  We were
able to talk with him and his lady, Beth.  What wonderful young people!

There were also re-enactors in their "era" camp.  We had "Fry bread" for
breakfast from their camp.  Yum!  While waiting for the breakfast, Lynne
noticed a Masonic symbol at one of the tents.  I just had to visit and
ask a few questions about the craft.  Very interesting!

On a side note, we just completed our (Masonic) Grand Lodge annual
communication for the Grand jurisdiction of South Carolina.  I attended
the Grand Masters Banquet dressed in my formal kilt.  That generated a
lot of conversation (positive, I might add), including the question of
what a Scotsman wears under the kilt.  We had a "grand" time.  I also
employed a Piper to lead the distinguished guest to the banquet.
Although the Piper was very good, he was no where the caliber of Rory!
Rory, I bought a chanter at the Loch Norman Games.  How do you get it to
sound so good?

I have posted 48 photos of the Loch Norman Games on my web page,
including a photo of Chris, Beth, Sara, Lisa and her two children, Lynne
and I, in front of the Clan tent.  They were all at the Grandfather Mt
Games and Stone Mt. Games last year.  Hmmm, now I know where to get some
help at the tent!

Click on the Photo Gallery at the following web site: 

Best regards ... Hope to see many of you at Grandfather Mt in July!

Mel of South Carolina
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