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Re: Information

Dear John,

What does this ritual refer to; "Brother Robertson as Worshipful Master, who
is said to have been a proficient ritualist." ...."solemnly established
under the Auspices of Prince Edwin, at the City of York in Great Britain, in
the year of Masonry 4926" it seems that 1n 1866 the start on the Craft is
long before the birth of Christ? later on in the document it says "This
Seventh day of October, in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred
and Sixty Seven and in the Year of Masonry Five Thousand Eight Hundred and
Sixty Seven (5867) where do these dates come from? From when do you date the
formation of the craft?  The pages also reports 14 American Presidents and
two maybes as Masons.  The also page lists  famous Masons but fails to
mention Earl William is the list restricted to America? Even thought the
Lodge is English chartered it appears to be Scottish Rite.  Did it change or
is that it nature of this lodge  from  it's beginning? What is the
difference between York and Scottish Rite?

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Dear Sinclair,

Pike was the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish
Rite Southern Jurisdiction.  He re-wrote many of the Scottish Rite rituals.
The man was well before his time and extremely learned.  He wrote in a

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