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Earl William

There is a new book by Jasper Ridley, I believe, called "The Freemasons", in
which he asserts that Freemasonry actually did began as a guild of medieval
stoneworkers and would invite the local lord to join them in an effort to
get on his good side. (After all the work William would create for them with
Roslin Chapel, they had much reason to honor the Sinclair's)Much like our
unions today, itinerant workers would have to get work thru the local, or
lodge. He says the Sinclair's later became confused about their role in the
As for Sinclair's questions, William's membership in the orders of the
Knights of the Coquille St. Jacques and the Knights of Santiago di
Compostella and Knights of the Golden Fleece comes from "The Forgotten
Monarchy of Scotland" p.102. I have questioned the book in the past, and you
may rightfully question it's accuracy now. It does not go into any detail
about the order. An order based on French cooking seems a worthy endeavor!
Tim mentions scallop shells in regard to the shrine of St. James of
Compostela (Rosslyn Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail p.18). Could
there be a connection?
The tale of the Norwegian crown comes from the US Clan Sinclair website, if
memory serves me correctly.My ISP is giving me fits and I can't access it
( or much) at the moment.It may possibly be on John's site.
I appreciate your input and questions. This is one of the reasons I offered
up the information I have found; to inspire some discussion and check it's
veracity.If we can paint a clearer picture of Earl William I will be more
than satisfied.
Take care, Kevin

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