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Re: A new subject for discussion?

Dear Wallace-Murphy

What is the importance of the Freemason connection?  I presume that the good
Earl would have been a Roman Catholic, protected Gypsy, Jews and working
men. The talk of the antiquity of Freemasonry is myth. Modern Freemasonry,
began with the foundation of the Grand Lodge of England, 24 June 1717.
Modern Freemasonry is not a continuation of the Catholic freemason guilds.
The Catholic guilds were formed by craftsmen who went wherever a Gothic
cathedral was being erected, in order to help in its construction, earn a
day's pay.

In the Encyclical (Humanum Genus) on Freemasonry on 20 April  1884 - Pope
Leo XIII permanently condemned Freemasonry. William's  Master Mason status
would have nothing to do with Modern Freemasonry

You used the phrase 'one of the illuminati'. In 1776, Adam Weishaupt,
founded the Order of Illuminati. He dreamt of a  government called "The
Novus Ordo Seculorum" (New World Order), which is also the title of his book
published in 1 May 1776.  The reverse side of the American one-dollar bill
the phrase together with the year 1776 in Roman numeral at the bottom of the
Masonic pyramid is printed. The eye on the pyramid can be variously
interpreted and the inscription "Annuit Coeptis" can be translated in more
ways than one.

Modern Freemasonry  is long after William's death and  has no relation. Why
do Modern Masons regard Rosslyn as 'Their Own'?

Interestingly the illustrious Father Hay refers to William as a 'prince' and
the castle of Rosslyn as his court.


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