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Re: A new subject for discussion?


I truly enjoy reading your literate and sometimes acerbic responses to the
periodic jabs (sharp sticks poked into the ribs) to which (some) others attempt
to subject you.  Your logic is invariably impeccable, and I always learn
something new about history.  But this time, you wrote:

> Modern Freemasonry  is long after William's death and  has no relation. Why
> do Modern Masons regard Rosslyn as 'Their Own'?

Tssk, tssk...  The Masonic symbols are there for all to see.   Although as you
suggest, they certainly predate modern Masonry, the place is in fact filled
with Masonic symbols.  No one has suggested that they are modern additions.
They were certainly carved during William's (or Oliver's) tenure. I think a
very reasonable (the only?) explanation for their presence is that William was
a proto-Mason. If so, the veneration of William and Rosslyn by modern Masons is
perfectly obvious.  Moreover, the surviving historical record also provides
supporting evidence in the charter.

You may choose to reject this hypothesis, but please provide a
counter-explanation that better fits the evidence.

Best regards,

Joe Erkes

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